MItsubishi Now Explorer in India


Since 2022, SM Marains is appointed as the authorised dealer for MITSUBISHI Marine Engines in India. All Mitsubishi Marine diesel engines are manufactured in Japan to the highest standards, applying state-of-the-art production facilities, combined with experienced workmanship. Production is carried out at the Sagamihara Works in Japan.                                  

MITSUBISHI Marine engines are specialized for marine propulsion & for auxiliary purposes for multi-application such as Pushers, Tugs, Barges, Work Boats, Passenger Boats, Fishing Vessels, Cargo Vessels, Oil Tankers, Multi-Purpose Vessels,  Special Purpose Vessels. The made in Japan Mitsubishi engines are High Quality engines  with Reliable & Durable Performance. With its Long Life, Lesser Fuel Consumption, Long Overhaul Period, Easy Maintenance and Optimum Performance, Mitsubishi Engines have been well accepted by the users around the World.

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